We started Concept Travel to have more time to focus on what we enjoy; talking with our customers, friends and family about their travel, discussing where they have been and exploring what is next. Tailor-making a holiday perfectly suited to your desired travel style and aspirations is what drives us.

'Memories worth making; Stories worth telling'

Kym O'Shannassy
Founder and Principal
Mathew Card
Travel Adviser 
Social Media

With more than 15 years’ experience and a fiery passion for travel, I am your ideal personal travel manager. 

Whatever your needs may be - tours, accommodation, flights, insurance or car and motorbike hire - these are just a few of the services I can assist you with. However you like to travel, I can work with you to create your perfect adventure.

I have a wealth of personal travel experience to draw from having been to 6 of the 7 continents. But I am not stopping there: I believe if you’re not on holiday, you should be counting the days until your next one!

Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba. I have also spent time in Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines, with numerous visits to America. Ask me what is best to see and do in Japan, Taiwan, Dubai, New Zealand, Fiji or Vanuatu. As if that wasn't already an abundance of destinations, I have cruised Alaska and the Caribbean, adventured on an African safari, travelled through Europe and called Canada and the UK home.

I come from an IT background and have lived and worked for extended periods in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Dallas, Texas; traveling to destinations covering the majority of Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific regions.


I wanted to bring a knowledge base to compliment Kym's extensive experience and travel prowess to Concept Travel, to help grow awareness through social media and create a extensive database of first hand travel knowledge to ensure your travel experience is faultless and tailored to exactly what you desire and expect.